Monday, 25 March 2013


Most people’s pain is obvious. Their cast, their bruise, their bleeding, or their scar tell a story. But there is a pain, a deep pain, which is not obvious. It is often masked by a happy face and a funny disposition. This pain can not be drugged, counselled, or washed away. The first Easter was about an extraordinary man who felt the combination of infinite physical and inner pain and triumphed over it. 

Christ’s physical pain was obvious during the Passion of the first Easter. Coinciding with his intolerable physical pain was the infinitely deep pain of his soul which was not obvious. We all experience a fraction of an eye-dropper drip of this same soul pain. This is guilt.

There’s actually a lot of things not obvious about the first Easter. Our deepest pain being healed because Jesus who took the accumulation of human guilt and shame upon himself to suffer as our substitute is not obvious when most people regard Easter being about chocolate eggs. Today, the Person behind Easter can do for your unseen pain what no pill, bottle or couch could ever do, even though this may not be obvious. 

Andrew Corbett
[200 words]

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