Friday 5 May 2023



When was the last time someone said to you, “I was wrong and I am sorry”? For some people these words have never passed their lips. Some of these people may never have made a mistake, done anything wrong, or ever needlessly ever hurt someone so they may never had an occasion where they needed to say those words. But, if you have ever had someone tell you something that they knew was untrue as if it was true, or claimed that something was a fact that you later discovered was actually not a fact — and so did they — have they ever come back to you and said, “I was wrong and I am sorry”? If this has never been your experience, it’s about to be — because I’m going to say it to you. 

Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another,
that you may be healed.
The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.
James 5:16

We have all been wrong. We sometimes make public claims we may have believed at the time were correct, only to discover later that they were not. Some of these mistakes we make are inconsequential – a recollection of a past event that wasn’t quite accurate, a guess about what the weather would be like tomorrow, a meal choice at a restaurant. On other occasions people get things wrong because they have not tested whether their idea is accurate, or whether a claim they are repeating can be verified. This is what scientists have to do as part of their project before they can publish their claim as true. The scientific method provides some tools that any of us can use to distinguish a true claim from a false claim. We would do well before accepting whether a claim was true or not if would just take the necessary steps to verify it – or disprove it.

The first to state his case seems right,
until his opponent begins to cross-examine him.
Proverbs 18:17

In a moment I am going to admit that I was wrong. Why do we find it so hard to admit that were wrong? I’d be interested in your ideas if you could leave them in the comments section. I think that most of us find it difficult to admit they were wrong due to:

  1.  Pride (they are embarrassed.
  2.  The  potential price (a loss of prestige, privileges, previous gains, or power).
  3.  Ignorance (they are unaware, or refuse to become aware, of being wrong).  

Despite these reasons for reluctance to admit that they were wrong, I suspect that when someone does admit they were wrong – they actually win the respect of others. (This is something I will shortly test.) However, I also suspect that one of the big reasons that many find it difficult to admit they were wrong is that it usually leads to the uncomfortable need to not only say “I am sorry” but the far more profoundly difficult need to apologise. I intend to do both in just a moment.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
If we say we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us.
First John 1:9-10

Any of us might be wrong about something we have said or believed because we have been deceived. On other occasions we might be wrong because we misplaced our trust in someone whom we trusted or believed only to later find out that they were wrong. In some instances, as every high school maths-methods student can tell you, someone might make a miscalculation early in their attempt to work out the solution to a problem which eventually leads to an unrecognised wrong answer (this is a point that CS Lewis makes in Mere Christianity about how people can make mistakes about God’s existence if they start with the wrong calculations). Mistakes can be made through everyday-human-errors, or not accommodating all of the data/evidence before making a conclusion. Whether we will make a mistake or be wrong in something we say of believe is not really in question. What is in question is what do we do when we do make a mistake or say or believe something that is demonstrably wrong?

Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders.
Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another,
for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”
First Peter 5:5

I am clearly no expert in doing what you should do if you know you were wrong. But, I do have a theoretical knowledge about what should be done after you find out you were in error. Here it is:

When you know you were wrong about something you said or believed,
you should admit it, say sorry, and appropriately apologise.
This will take humility.

This will require a commitment to character formation. Character formation is the process of becoming a better human being. This too is grounded in a willingness to learn humility, empathy, sympathy, consideration, true justice, wisdom, and a love of the truth. 

¶ For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation
without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death.
Second Corinthians 7:10

Near the start of the recent pandemic I did something I now regret. At the time I did with the best of pastoral intentions. Part of my motive for doing it was my trust in what medical scientists had said. I trusted the science and health officials so much that I did what I had advised others publicly and privately to do and was triple vaccinated. I now regret advising people to be vaccinated. I had believed the claim that the vaccines were “safe and effective” and that by being vaccinated it would “prevent the transmission of covid” (a claim that Pfizer has recently admitted was never proven to be true, despite Senator Katy Gallagher recently insisting that it did). After researching these various claims, I have now come to the conclusion that these claims were not scientifically verified and that the data actually show them not be true.

But the thing that I most regret most was that I stated that:

by being vaccinated people people were “loving their neighbour” in obedience to the command of Christ.

I am deeply sorry for saying this. I apologise because this statement caused hurt to those I love and was inconsiderate of many I care for who already had reasonable doubts about the vaccines and legitimate concerns over its long-term ramifications. I am sorry for using my platform and position for urging people to be vaccinated. I should have left the issue alone and let people make their own healthcare decisions without applying any pastoral pressure upon them. I apologise for the hurt that I caused for my inconsiderate statements especially to those who had strong objections to being subjected to mandatory vaccinations who even lost their jobs as a result of their objections. I had failed to verify the claims I was publicly endorsing.

My views on the “safe and effective” claims about the MRNA vaccines began to be challenged after I got covid shortly after receiving my third jab. Around this time my 85-year-old father also had his third jab and then weeks later died. Prior to this, Kim had already experienced myocarditis after each of her jabs. In addition to this, some of the interviews that former Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, has done have persuaded me that I was wrong. The findings of medical researchers as reported by Dr. Moran and Dr. Aseem Malhotra have also led me to realise I was wrong.

You may have a different opinion to me about the efficacy of the MRNA vaccines and the effectiveness of masks and the mandated lockdowns. What I am going to try to do in the event that I live to see – and/or pastor through – another pandemic is to take a lot more care in evaluating the data before ever making an appeal to anyone to immediately subject themselves to experimental medicine. At this point I do not want to be misunderstood. I am clearly not an anti-vaxer per se. Neither do I lightly entertain or spread baseless speculations that sound like another unproven conspiracy. But when the United States Government Senate releases a 300-page report demonstrating the factualness of what many international government officials had previously claimed was “nonsense”, there are some theories that are no longer baseless

But why is a pastor even commenting on such public health policy – especially now that that pandemic is officially over? The answer is two-fold: I care about people, especially those in my pastoral charge; and, secondly, I care deeply about the truth (after all, I manage a website and radio program called Finding Truth Matters).

As Christians we are called to help people know the truth

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion,
seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same
kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world.
First Peter 5:8-9

As Christians we understand better than most that we are engaged in a spiritual war. The late Dr. Michael Heiser wrote several excellent books on understanding just what this involved. If I might summarise what he concluded it would sound like this:

The forces of darkness war against the cause of Christ by distorting truth. Those on the side of the cause of Christ wage war against the forces of darkness by upholding and declaring the truthTruth is our greatest weapon!

Thus, our evangelism is principally a declaration of the truth. As we stand back in bewilderment at the bewitching of our culture as it whole-heartedly embraces lies about sex, marriage, gender and babies, we are called to uphold the truth with gentleness and respect (1Pet. 3:15) and dare I say it – courage. Perhaps we can say with the apostle Paul that our mission is to – 

But rise and stand upon your feet, for I have appeared to you for this purpose,
to appoint you as a servant and witness to the things in which you have seen Me
and to those in which I will appear to you,  delivering you from your people
and from the Gentiles—to whom I am sending you  to open their eyes,
so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God,
that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Me.’
Acts 26:16-18

A part of my motivation for admitting that I was wrong and saying sorry is that this is precisely what I am asking those who are not yet followers of Christ to do each time I preach. How can I be qualified to ask anyone to do what I myself am unwilling to do? Thus, the next time you hear me preach and appeal to people to admit that they have been wrong about: their indifference to God, the relevance of the Bible, the identity of Jesus, and their understand about the meaning of life, I will be asking them to do what I myself have done and will, with God’s help, continue to do as the need arises. Thank you to everyone for being patient with me.

Your Pastor,


Let me know what you think below in the comment section and feel free to share this someone who might benefit from this Pastor’s Desk.


  1. Thank you 🙏

  2. We were all wrong about these vaccinations….may God forgive me.

    1. With respect we were not all wrong, some of us woke up early in the so called pandemic

    2. Or rather we knew, what a scam this was, very early on, due to our understanding of vaccines and this EXPIRIMENTAL mRNA technology. Holy Spirit discernment here....thay are ALL evil

    3. Agree, we were not all wrong! Myself and my whole family never got vaccinated, as we believe the Bible and God for our protection and not man.
      “It is better to trust in the LORD Than to put confidence in man.”
      ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭118‬:‭8‬ ‭KJV‬‬

      “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”
      ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭2‬:‭15‬ ‭KJV‬‬

      My concern to your congregation is how much more do you have wrong?

      You may need to study the last few books of the Bible!

    4. What a disgrace that a man with your influence could not be bothered to do the research on such an important issue until you saw your own family affected!! You have literally driven thousands of people to their deaths or and experimental jab injury!

  3. Julie Sladden6 May 2023 at 08:47

    Thank you Pastor Andrew for your humility and courage and example. May the Church be united and strengthened as we truly love one another, in Christ.

  4. Wow. Go you good man of God.

  5. Thank you so much for the apology. And also for setting me free. I wasn’t wrong in not getting vaccinated. Thank you God.

  6. This is beautiful. And so powerful. And so good. Such intelligent analysis of the situation and such courageous humility. Praise God.

  7. A great apology and heartfelt, yet still making excuses for why he pushed it, BUT the reference to doing more research before pastoring people in a certain way if another pandemics arises, when he stated earlier he would stay away from commenting on these sorts of issues.
    A lot of excuses really before actually apologising…..

    1. I forgive you, and Christ forgives you too. The slate has been wiped clean.

  8. Thank you so much, I had refused to visit your church on occasions because I heard you had pushed your congregation, but your open, heartfelt apology has gained my upmost respect and will see me attend a service if invited again.

  9. It is more courageous to make a stand in relation to what is truth than follow the crowd. My friend died from the vaccination. Others have had horrific reactions and the real truth has not been told. I thank God that I did not have this experimental vaccine and I feel for those who were coerced to have it so they would not lose their jobs.Loving your neighbour is about
    being honest not deceitful. Many leaders who knew the truth allowed others to be deceived and made to feel guilty. Daniel in the Bible did not bow down to the laws of the land when they conflicted with his belief.

  10. Marty Woodward6 May 2023 at 21:53

    Hi Andrew, I very much respect and appreciate your courage and humility to make this “I was wrong” confession. I have been there myself with a different set of circumstances and it was by no means easy, but by God’s grace alone I found strength of conviction to do so. Sadly, in that circumstance my confession and apology was not accepted, but my spirit and soul before God was completely consoled and at peace. The Lord Jesus continue to bless you mightily in your shepherd ship and ministry.

  11. Thank you Pastor Corbett for posting this apology. It indeed takes humility and courage to do this and, thank G-d, both these attributes are gifted from G-d.
    We can agree and disagree on opinions as long as we sincerely seek the Truth and argue for the sake of Heaven. I myself lost my job and income at the beginning of 2022. I had done my research and was not going to let an experimental drug be administered into my body, which is a temple of the Spirit of G-d, under coercion.
    The powers used against the people under a so-called emergency situation by those in authority has been nothing but evil. The same evil the Nazis perpetrated in the 2nd World War.
    Now, three years later, many conspiracy theories have become conspiracy facts as more and more details come to light. You mentioned the Pfizer documents, which is just the tip of the iceberg.
    I know from experience how hard it was to stand alone against this tyranny and hear many church leaders encouraging their people to comply with the evil narrative. My son was told he could not come to church anymore because he did not want to mask up. Many, many people now suffer the consequences from being ill-advised. Some consequences resulting in death, others in severe disabilities and others in loss of income.
    I, and many with me, have prayed for eyes to be opened and for leaders to have the courage to speak out. Again, I thank you for doing that and pray that it will help others to follow that example.
    As it says in Romans 3:23: “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” and as you quoted from 1 John 1:9: “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” What a Mighty G-d we serve.

  12. There are many things today that the world is trying to tell us or sell us today but we must trust God and his Holy spirit for God is never wrong . Well done Andrew Bless you mate.

  13. "But why is a pastor even commenting on such public health policy"
    We have removed God from every agency.
    There are many scriptures that show priests as the original physicians and teachers.
    Please keep commenting.

  14. I forgive you, and Christ forgives you too. The slate has been wiped clean.

  15. Andrew, you are the first of multitudes of self proclaimed shepherds who are yet to apologise in this laodicean church age. Thankyou for you honesty.
    May you find peace with our God for your shameful disregard for not recognising this particular lie beforehand.

  16. Your humble apology accepted. Now to all pastors around the world, your turn!

  17. Absolute respect ✊ I applaud your humility and courage 🙏

  18. Because of information given to you, from a good heart and a pure motive, you only passed on what you, yourself had been advised and also acted on yourself - You were not wrong doing that, therefore, I do not see any reason for you to say sorry. I do see the intent and heart in your apology. Thank you for being an outstanding example of true leadership!

  19. Thank you. May you be the first of many.

  20. My question was where was our faith , we listened to the in godly government, and a prime minister who professed to be a Christian. ,I didn’t take the cool aid
    God told me not to , but t I got covid big time , but God saved me , remember when God tells you to do something , he stands with you , we are in end times listen to him.

  21. Thank u for the apology. Good Question to ask is how were u duped in the first place? The info was available from the outset.

  22. Well done Andrew, repentance is not something that’s often seen or heard of in the market place, thank you for being courageous and obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
    The word tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue, thank you for demonstrating what true Christianity is about!
    Forgiveness and relationship restoration.
    For we have ALL fallen short of His glory,
    Thank you for taking this costly humbling corrective action, may you continue to stand for righteousness.

  23. Bless you brother

  24. I watched much of your interview with Graham Hood. Your reasons for becoming anti-vaxx boiled down to becoming convinced by the quacks and grifters. Malhotra and Campbell to name a couple of them. The pandemic has been a real boost for the anti-vaxx movement. Many people have heard anti-vaxx tropes for the first time and have fallen for them but there is nothing new under the sun. The same old anti-vaxx lies repackaged for a new virus and the vaccines developed to protect us from it.

  25. Thank you for sharing this.
    It is doing my heart good & maybe it will help in the task of forgiving some others, who have similar regrets, but as yet haven’t confessed them.

  26. Thank you Andrew. Dee

  27. Dr. Corbett, thank you for your apology. I wanted to let you know of some resources in the U.S. that specifically help those who have been injured by the vax. They offer telehealth and hopefully you can access them or research them from your country. Here are some doctors that help specifically with the vax injured. Pierre Kory, Elizabeth Eades, and Stella Immanuel. You might research them. All these are Christian drs. I hope this is helpful. God bless you.

  28. Thank you for that. I haven’t heard many of those apologies. I have really struggled with ‘the churches’ compliance with something which seemed so wrong from the very beginning, God is not a God of coercion went through my head very early on and I thank God for that. I felt the line was crossed in the ‘ we need to follow the rulers of the land, it’s biblical’. Daniel didn’t bow to the law of the land and even sat in full view praying in his window. When churches kept people from participating in church life it just became obvious how wrong it all was. I have always been part of the music team but was excluded. I am now part of it again. I know others who have walked away ‘why would you go back when you got treated like that?’ I’m learning to do things until God even if it is uncomfortable. I’m glad I’m learning to be a God follower and not a follower of man. A favourite quote from a a Tommy Tenny book- a disappointment with man creates a desperation for God. We lost much, jobs and my husband after having one jab has never been the same, but God has been good and faithful. If we are true followers of Christ persecution is promised. We are going to have to make a stand one way or the other.

  29. Since you have realised that your previous thinking was lacking in wisdom, Dr Corbet, maybe this FREE eBook will help you mend some broken bridges. Thank you for your honesty. I pray God will use you to transform broken hearts, broken lives and broken churches.

  30. If anyone is injured by the vax, don't give up. There is help by Doctors who specialize in vax injuries. Check out Several of those doctors also have videos and interviews. God Bless.

  31. It's courageous and beautiful for you to own this and truly apologize. But your heart was in the right place; you made the best decision with the information you had at the time and your intentions were pure... to help everyone be safe from Covid. I also promoted the vaccine after studying for a while, and I got the jab twice, and thankfully I am fine and I don't know anyone who experienced problems after receiving the vaccine. (I'm sorry to those who did). I remember watching people on the news who were in ICU suffering with Covid because they refused to get the vaccine, and here they were saying to us, 'Don't be a fool like me, get the vaccine!' There's a lot of conflicting information out there! And we don't know what we don't know! We're not omniscient, and we're not in control. God is. He sees our heart, our intentions and motives. These are troubling times! It helps me to remember John 16:33... "In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."

  32. Pastor, Sorry, but no. Did you not find it odd that all this was mostly driven by fear of death, when you are preaching, and everyone is buying eternal life? The churches generally, as most institutions that could have stopped it, were absent. Maybe because you are compromised / have a conflict of interest due to government status as a non-profit which can be taken away, or maybe some other reason. In the end, it doesn't matter. Sorry is great; I'm glad you worked out that marginalising people based on their willingness to take an experimental medication being sold at a profit was not OK. You've also worked out that giving an experimental medication to children to save an 80 year old is not OK. Great. You, like most so called 'leaders' should step down and never lead again. Fix your own house, which, given the performance during COVID, needs fixing. Your actions have killed people. How many? Depends on the batch they got in the short term, but in the long term might not matter. Digest that and talk to God, not me. Fortunate for you, God is mercy. Note, this is aimed at all 'leaders' not just you. Tough pill; what are you going to do to atone now? Cheers

    1. Exactly...why would a 'spirited filled' pastor who is educated and well read submit to the Govt's Covid measures?

  33. Thank you, Andrew
    It takes courage to admit when we get it wrong
    You’ve shown courage and integrity
    I was directed to your post by another who really appreciated your courage and apology
    God bless us all through these times 🙏

  34. You have connections with officialdom in Tasmania. What was the public response to this particular apology re the covid vaccines?

  35. I remember you Andrew Corbett. What a colossal mistake!

    While you were a youth pastor at Werribee Assemblies of God, Victoria. I was a new convert, I remember you were difficult to fathom. You were someone in godly authority and a position of influence within the Church. As a novice, it was difficult to counter your educated and informed teaching. You positioned yourself as the source of truth in biblical matters.

    Now, as 30 years has rolled by, I have struggled to free myself from many of your perspectives on Christian life that had the effect of turning me into a religious zealot rather than a child of Abraham and a child of the free woman. A child of the promise rather than a slave to the law.

    During one of Australia's most divisive moments, you chose to use one of the most sacred of God's commands to support your own misguided conscience and weakness. At the same, without scripture, I strived to save my own family members, my trusted friends and even strangers from the dangers posed by the Govt's response to Covid. I was not successful. You however were, and speaking as 'a man of God', you influenced the many to go along with a lie.

    How could you do this?

    What stopped you from researching the matter, as I did? You are not incompetent or uneducated. The data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics was publicly available. In 2021, it showed that Flu deaths had stopped while alleged Covid deaths increased and that children and adults up to the age of 65 were not at risk. The Coroners reports for suicides were published monthly. The anti-mandate protests were published on the news and social media platforms. Experts around the world were putting their reputations and livelihoods on the line before inquiries and committees. Worse, the violent govt-led police responses to stamp out non-compliance was broadcast on national television. What stopped you from researching alternative medicines that are affective against respiratory diseases or making yourself aware of Australia's Immunisation policy and Human Rights Charter?

    What stopped you?

    That was in 2021!

    So what stopped you from educating yourself? No one stopped you. You chose not to examine the issue or you chose not to listen. And because you chose to close your eyes, I don't think you deserve to be a shepherd or a teacher of God's people. Why should people trust you? What confidence should they have with you against someone like me, uneducated or properly credentialled as I am, but who won't bend to the will of the Govt or every lie that is promulgated in the media?

    Finally, your apology lacks any condemnation for what was done to the Australian people or any accountability for those who are responsible. Why? Why haven't you called out those who are responsible? Why haven't you addressed what led to the worst abuse of Human Rights in Australia's history? Aren't we called to look after each other and protect the oppressed? Your apology might look good on the outside but until you fully address the offense of your actions, in my low and humble opinion it may as well be a cup that is "full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean".

    I wonder how many lives you might have saved from harm or death? Only God knows.