Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A New Model of Contemporary Church

What is a 'Church'?
Some people answer this question by limiting a church to a group of people who meet in a house for worship through prayer, sharing and Bible study.
Other people now claim that a church is a community of anonymous people who meet in a chatroom to discuss aspects of their faith in Christ.
Still others claim that a church is an institution with a priestly class, a liturgy, and a governmental structure.

Can a church be "independent"?

Can a church belong to a group of churches and share common ideals, methods, understandings, then still belong to that group if those things radically change?

Can a church be called a church if it is vague about what it believes?

What role should tradition have in defining what a church is today?

If one church disciplines a member, and that member leaves that church, should this member still be disciplined?

Should a church have a leader or leaders?

What do you think?

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