Saturday, 30 May 2009

Can We Legislate Morality?

Some Christians argue that we cannot impose our morals onto a secular society. If by this they mean that we are not trying to commence a theocracy, I absolutely agree. But if by this they mean that Christians should not contribute into the formation of societal standards and welfare, I vigorously disagree. When we argue that women, children, minorities, the disabled, immigrants, should be protected by law against abuse and injustice we are actually promoting core Biblical moral standards. The Bible strenously charges us to look after "widows and orphans".

It is a myth to think that we cannot legislate morality. In fact, legislators can only legislate morality! Morality is the measure of right from wrong conduct. Laws only enforce what is right (even if they aren't right, once they are legislated they define what is right). The test of morality is whether a behaviour harms or deprives someone of their natural natural rights.

It is theologically faulty to confuse religious obligations with moral obligations...[Read More]

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