Thursday, 4 September 2014

The 5 Must-Have Character Traits

Each week, on a Wednesday morning, I am the invited guest on our local radio station. Usually, I take a life issue and give some advice on how people can address it. This week I addressed an issue that is relevant to us all. And as I was thinking about each of our students around Australia I was struck by how relevant it might be for us all. 


Character is who we really are. A person’s character is not changed by adversity - it’s revealed by it! But how a person deals with success is as much a glimpse into their character as adversity is. Success can sometimes mean that a person is deprived of the advantage of daily struggles. And it is in those times when a person is not compelled to do anything that their true character is also often revealed. This might seem counter-intuitive because many of think that when we have plenty of time, talents and treasure we can become a better person. But our available time, talents, and treasure does not limit or grow our character. Yet, our character can limit or grow our time, talents and treasure! A person can change their character - to either improve or damage it.


#5 - Humility: 

Virtuous character starts with humility. It takes humility to admit your real needs, your mistakes, and to accept a realistic view of yourself.

#4 - Teachability: 

You can have the best teachers in the world, but not be teachable, and you won’t learn much. Conversely, if you are teachable it’s amazing what you can learn. How easy are you to correct?

#3 - Consideration: 

People who learn to be considerate of others make themselves very attractive. Considerate people invariably become thankful people. Thankful people can not avoid being happy people.

#2 - Preparation: 

It takes developed character strength to prepare well. For athletes this means early mornings pounding the pavement or hours of lonely times in the gym. For students this means making sacrifices to not be out with friends so that they can study. 

#1 - Perseverance: 

Virtuous character culminates in pleasant perseverance. Many people start things but only a few start and finish the same things. Whether it’s a book, a diet, an exercise regime, a marriage, or a course of study, perseverance is required. 

If you take steps to develop these five ‘must-have’ character traits you position yourself to maximise not only your happiness and sense of significance, but also your time, talents, and treasure.

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