Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Christianity can be presented attractively if it is presented 'Apologetically' (reasonably) with gentleness and respect (1Peter 3:16-17). Many people have never heard a well-reasoned defense of the claims of Christianity. I have briefly introduced five categories of evidence. In another article I have presented five proofs for the existence of God. In yet another article I respond to the five main objections offered against the existence of God. This article assumes the next logical challenge: But why Christianity and not any other religion? It is my hope that as an ambassador of Christ you might be able to use the points raised in this article to more attractively respond to this challenge...

Jesus Christ was attractive. But He wasn't attractive for many of the reasons we normally associate with attractive people. In fact, Isaiah the Prophet foretold that the Christ would have "no form or comeliness (beauty) about him" (Isa. 53). Yet, thousands of people were attracted to Christ from the early days of His public ministry. Something made Jesus Christ attractive. It should therefore by no surprise that He gave principles and instructions for His followers which would present Him and His message attractively. Christianity is meant to be attractive. This involves being socially attractive, intellectually attractive, spiritually attractive and aesthetically attractive. One such example of Christ promoting attractive Chrisitanity is the parable He told about the sower.
Attractive Christianity

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