Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Here's some ideas for advancing what is universally regarded as abhorrent-

1. Propose something utterly and obviously ridiculously immoral.

2. When your outrageous proposal is rightly denounced, portray yourself as the victim who is being unfairly treated.

3. Do all you can to camouflage your proposal with stories about how you "feel" like you're not getting an equal go and thus trick people into thinking that your proposal is really about "equality" and "rights".

4. Despite the predictable initial and just failure of your proposal, talk about how adopting your proposal will one day be "inevitable" and begin to talk of other jurisdictions that are about to introduce it there (even if there aren't any, make it up) which means we should introduce it here too.

5. Even though your proposal is patently bad, unhealthy, and immoral, re-label it as "progressive", "a right", "justice", and "what society generally wants now" (even if all the data conclusively shows they don't).

6. When decent, wise, courteous people point out why your proposal is bad, wrong, immoral, and unhealthy, quickly divert the public's attention from the actual issue by name-calling these sages as "middle-aged men", "grey haired", "intolerant", "bigots", "uncompassionate", "phobics" who "belong to a by-gone era."

7. Source people to tell legislators that their lives are agony because they feel a social stigma for doing bad, wrong, immoral and unhealthy things which can only change if legislators legislate for the law to allow for and even reward those who practice these things - and (although this might be pushing your luck) have legislators legislate penalties for anyone who publicly states the obvious badness, wrongness, immorality, and unhealthiness of your proposal.

8. Begin to steal the language of the sages and utterly redefine words like immoral, evil, sin, bad, wrong, to mean that the sages are bad, wrong, evil, immoral, for daring to speak up against your proposal.

Of course, the above mock plan would never work or be implemented because it's too obviously preposterous and an exercise in charlatanism.

Andrew Corbett

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