Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Revelation Daily Devotional - Day 30

Day 30
Revelation 21

Here’s the climactic call to endure in this revelation. Having shown his fellow believers that Christ would keep them through all they were enduring and about to endure, John sees the curtain of time drawn back and reports to his readers the sublimely glorious future awaiting them if they endure to the end. Today, we generally don't have to endure the direct persecution that these first Christians did. But the need to endure in the midst of a plethora of digital distractions, in an age when pleasures are plentiful, at a time when ridiculing fools have hijacked academia, and when pantheists who masquerade as environmentalists furiously deconstruct Christianity from the public square through their politicking -  the need for believers to endure is just as critical as ever!
Consider what is awaiting us. No more death. No more more pain. For those who love God this part of the revelation is altogether wonder-filled. For those who despise God this reinforcing of the consistent message of Revelation is vile, offensive, and despicable (Rev. 20:8). This just goes to show that the Word of God is delightful to those who love the God of the Word. The Apostle Paul described in terms of fragrances. For those who welcomed Christ’s lordship over them it was as if they enjoyed a sweet beautiful aroma in doing so. But for those who despised Christ and rejected His right to direct their lives it was as if they wallowed in a stench - a stench of death. Let us be a fragrance of life and delight.
Consider what is awaiting us. It’s delights are hinted at throughout the redemption story of the Bible. Hints. You have to become increasingly familiar with the Bible to begin to learn its language. After decades of studying it I am yet to get near plumbing its depths. But this I have discovered: The glory that awaits us is not bound up in heaven but the One who is enthroned there. Union with Him is the goal of salvation. Peace with Him is the source of all peace. He is our awaiting glory. He is the One who radiates the light of heaven. Miss Him and you actually miss the very message of the Bible. He will make all things new, but it can start now. Have you been made new?

Dr. Andrew Corbett
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