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Could you memorise 32 words? Which verses of the Bible should I memorise? I'm thrilled that you're asking. There are some verses that every believer probably should memorise. It is a spiritual discipline that can renew a mind, give hope in times of despair, and provide wisdom when a decision is demanded. And it would be remiss of me if I forgot to mention that memorising the right Bible verses could have dramatic benefits for your health - especially your mental health. I want to recommend memorising 32 of the most powerful words humanity has ever marvelled over.
Psalm 119:11 I have stored up your word in my heart,
that I might not sin against you.
By pondering a verse or two of Scripture, not only have individuals had their destinies changed, but quite literally the entire course of human history has been dramatically changed. Names such as Martin Luther and John Wesley readily illustrate this point - and both we gripped by the memory verse that I am about propose. John Newton was so struck by it that he wrote a classic hymn about it and called it "amazing". Phillip Yancey in recent times has written a best-selling book exploring it, WHAT'S SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE? Perhaps God might captivate you with a higher vision of His granduer and plan so that you too become an agent of history making?

The Bible verse that I would most and immediately recommend to any believer for memorising is actually two verses. These particular verses are the hallmark statement of why Christianity is unique among the world religions. They have inspired songs, countless books, sermons, and even churches.

After marvelling how particular verses had gripped historically significant characters down through the ages, F.W. Boreham wrote a book some of these people and the verse of Scripture which had changed history. This book became one of five books in the "Texts that changed history" series and went on to ultimately be read by millions. I wonder if the 32 words I am going to commend will help produce another world leading history-maker? Quite frankly, I am far less concerned about this almost certain possiblity than I am about wondering whether a struggling believer who might be reading this receives an epiphany that will free and deliver them from guilt and shame and escort them into a new world of freedom and approval.
2Tim 1:9 who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace, which he gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began
We now live in age when people rarely ponder. We rarely consider. We live in an age when more books are being sold than at any time in history yet fewer books than ever before are actualy being read. We want our information in 10sec sound-bites even though a well-grounded argument about an important matter generally takes at least 45 - 60 minutes to present. The joy of reading has been replaced by the numbness of glistening images at 24 frames a second. But if a person would read, ponder, consider the 32 biblical words I will rcommend they may see why these two verses have inspired such magnificent stories such as Les Miserables.
Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace you have been saved through faith -
and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God,
not a result of works
so that no one may boast.
Can a person lose their salvation? These verses answer that question. Since a person does nothing to be saved, they can nothing to lose their salvation because their salvation was never based on what they did or didn't do. Rather, salvation is the result of God's grace. Grace alone - solo gracia. But what if a person doesn't have enough faith to receive this grace from God? These verses address that question as well. It is the grace of God that gifts the faith needed to be saved. Even the faith required to receive salvation is a gift from God.

Too few understand this. They find it amazing. Some find it unbelievable. But if we ponder the 32 words of Ephesians 2:8-9 we might begin to pour our lives into an expression of Ephesians 2:10 - and if we do, we and our world will never be the same again!
Psa. 34:8 ¶ Taste and see that the LORD is good.
Oh, the joys of those who trust in him!
Ps. Andrew

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