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You can now order some of UNDERSTANDING THE BOOK OF REVELATION Resources online.

Complete these transactions securely with Paypal. After confirmation of your secure payment an email will be sent to you with download instructions for your eBook. These eBooks are great value. Once downloaded they can be printed or transferred to an eBook reader or PDA for portable reading.


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1. Select your eBook from the list below2. Select the preview to read the first chapter. If it looks interesting, perhaps check out the feedback supplied by other readers.3. Click on the "Add to cart" button. This will take you to a secure Paypal site where you can pay for the eBook with a credit card, or if you already have a Paypal account with credit in it you can draw down on that account to pay for it.4. Once payment is confirmed you will receive a Thank You message, then you will automatically receive an email with your download instructions. Copy and paste these login details into the download page where you will be directed.5. After entering your download registration information, the download of your "zipped" eBook will commence automatically.
6. Once the zipped file is downloaded to your computer, you will need to "extract" it to your computer using a program like "Winzip" which is generally built into Windows. Apple Mac users will use "Stuffit" to unzip or extract the eBook.7. After the eBook is extracted / unzipped you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the contents. This software is available for free from the Adobe website.8. Once the eBook is open you might like to print it off and place it in a ringed binder or similar. Or, you could transfer it to your PDA to carry with you.9. You should then email the author with positive or contructive comments about the eBook so that it can be refined even further or your comments incorporated into the promotion of the eBook.10. Finally, email everyone in your address book who you think would be blessed by your recommending that they too read this eBook by downloading their own copy.

Available eBooks...

The entire book of Revelation explained!
Many people have accepted the recent idea that most of Revelation is yet to be fulfilled!
They have been encouraged to think that "soon", "near", "at hand", "this hour" means
exactly the opposite to what it was plainly intended to mean!This eBook shows how
 most of the Book of Revelation was fulfilled within the lifetime of the original disciples-
and according to Matthew 24:34- had to be!
Set yourself free from the fear of tommorrow and read this ground-breaking commentary!

This eBook discusses what CS Lewis described as "the most embarrassing verse in the Bible" 
(Matthew 24:34).
This verse has been used by atheists to support their arguments that Jesus Christ was just a mere 

man who was simply (and incorrectly) guessing about the future.
This eBook discusses why we can be absolutely assured that Jesus Christ was correct. Historical 

citations are given throughout this commentary on what is generally called "The Olivet Discourse".


Did Jesus really delude His Disciples? This is 
not only the assertion of prominent Atheists 
such as Prof. Bertrand Russell and Prof. 
Bart Eerdman, but staggeringly also great 
Christian minds such as CS Lewis! In fact, this 
book is a response to a famous claim by CS Lewis 
that he found this particular verse in the 
Gospels as "the most embarrassing verse in the Bible".

This book could change the way you 
understand the Bible, the identity of Jesus Christ, and what the future might hold.

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The Book of Revelation is the most mysterious book of the Bible. It claims to predict the future. But because its language is highly symbolic many readers have failed to understand what it is really saying. This has led some preachers to make wild guesses and speculate about what it really means. Often this guess work and speculation has been horribly wrong and this has led people to dismiss the Book of Revelation as too difficult - perhaps even impossible - to understand. But this is not the claim of the Book itself in the opening paragraph! In these two DVDs, Dr Andrew Corbett, author of popular - The Most Embarrassing Book In The Bible - looks at why people have got the interpretation of the Book or Revelation so wrong, and how we can better understand what it is trying to show us.
"These DVDs are excellent!" 
- Ps. Trevor Chandler, Emeritus Chairman of Christian Life Churches International
In the first DVD, Dr Corbett sketches some of the more recent history of speculation about the interpretation of the Book of Revelation. This contains video clips of various "Bible Prophecy Teachers" who have speculated about how the Book of Revelation has foretold events in our day and predicts our immediate future. The viewer will soon realise that this type of speculation, despite its popularity, is most unhelpful when it comes to really understanding what the Bible is all about.
On the second DVD you will see the entire session, part 4, of a seminar Dr Corbett holds regarding the Book of Revelation. This DVD gives an overview of why so many people have misunderstood and then misapplied the message of the Book of Revelation. It will show you that the sound principles for interpreting any Book of the Bible also, if not especially, apply to the Book of Revelation. By applying the rules of hermeneutics (Bible Interpretation), we can better understand what The Book of Revelation meant to its original audience and therefore better understand how it applies to us today.
This material is presented in an easy to understand manner, with a good dose of light-hearted humor-
From these DVDs, you will better understand-
* What the true message of the Book of the Revelation is
* How to generally best understand the Bible, especially the New Testament
* When the Book of Revelation must have been written
* Why the Book of Revelation was really written
* What the Book of Revelation really says about our future
However you choose to use to use this DVD, whether it is to build a DVD teaching series, or to enjoy it for personal enrichment, or to give it as an encouragement to someone, or watch it in your Bible Study group, this DVD will help you to ponder the wonders of God's Word and have a deeper appreciation for the Christ.
Dr Andrew Corbett is the President of Finding Truth Matters, ICI College Australia, and pastor of Legana Christian Church. He is the author of The Most Embarrassing Verse In The Bible.
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(Australian Dollars)
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Regarded as one of the leading exponents of the Book of Revelation, Dr Andrew Corbett in this 4 Part series on the Book of Revelation (presented as a seminar) is now available as a 4 Audio CD set.
Order this 4 Disc Audio CD for just $20 plus $9.95 shipping anywhere in the world).
Listen to Disc 1 online now []

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