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Even with all our technological advances, iPads, iPhones, Androids, Goooogles, 3Gs, 4Gs, Satellite TV, and the more, we still write. Recently several major book-sellers went into receivership. But this didn't happen because people aren't buying books. In fact, there are more books being sold than ever before. More is being written today than at any time in history. The head of Google recently noted that more information has been published online in the last 48 hours than from the beginning of time to 2000! We still read, therefore people still write. In fact, despite the Prophets of doom crying at the start of tech-rev that the Internet would be the death of text, the exact opposite has happened. People are now reading more than ever before. That's why I thought I'd write to you about some weighty matters.
¶ And the LORD said to Moses, "Write these words, for in accordance with these words I have made a covenant with you and with Israel."
Exodus 34:27
In ancient times they wrote on stone, then papyrus, then vellum (leather), then paper. Today we use paper products, computer screens, phones, and media devices to write. Increasingly, readers are embracing digital platforms for their reading. And while I love the simplicity and versatility of a traditional book, I am loving the newer digital platforms. In fact, I now sell ebooks at a rate of about 100:1 compared to the same title in traditional format. But all of this continues to highlight that we are reading, and therefore we still value good writing. Arguably, and perhaps amazingly, today's rock stars (if defined as high earning entertainers) are literary. They write. They help people escape from this world and its pressures to another world. They write of wizards, and vampires that unlike their streotypes are actually peace-loving, vegetarians, vulnerable confused souls, who long for a girl to truly love them...[sigh] The fact that these stories are made into movies almost ruins the original text, but then again, even these movies need a text-based script to give it form and structure. It's almost as if there is a natural symbiotic connection between being human and processing text.
it seemed good to me also, having followed all things closely for some time past, to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus,
Luke 1:3
When I read a book written by a now deceased author, it is as if they are still living! I tried and read an F.W. Boreham essay every day. As I read his writings it is as if we are on his front verandah together in Kew in 1938, or 1948, or 1956. He comes alive each time I read his books. Text keeps things alive. The story is told of a meeting of computer executives who celebrating the growing influence of their digital business. Their discussions eventually came around to backing-up their valuable information. They discussed storing this priceless information on computer hard-drives. But then realised there was two problems with this, firstly computer hard-drives are notoriously unreliable and secondly there is no guarantee in the future that there will be computers around compatible with such devices. After much discussion they concluded that the best way to store their information was to write it down and print off several copies.

Interestingly, when God wanted to leave a lasting message to mankind He chose the printed word and ordained that thousands of copies be made and preserved to ensure its message survived for generations and millennia. Also interestingly, God's Word, the Bible, when read carefully also transports the reader into the story. When reading about Abraham, it feels as if he is alive at that moment! But is it also transports the reader from this world and its pressures to the real world of angels, demons, truest love, the greatest heroism, the most wonderful adventure and ofheavenly realms.
¶ I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life.First John 5:13
And God's written Word is even more powerful than any other text because unlike my most favourite authors, its Author lives still. So if you're looking for an escape, a reality-check, and reminder of what's important, open God's Word and let more than its text do its best.
Father, fill our hearts, minds and souls with Your Word, the Truth. Lift us out of our world through the inspiration of Your Word so that we can be of real use within our world. In Jesus Name', Amen.
Eph. 3:21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.
Ps. Andrew

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