Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Testing Prophecy

An African "Prophet" has recently and repeatedly "prophesied" that God is about destroy Hobart with an oceanic earthquake and subsequent Tsunami that would swamp Tasmania. Since I live in Tasmania and have an aversion to 30 metre walls of ocean moving in my direction faster than I can drive, this particular 'prophecy' caught my attention.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Thessalonian believers that they should "not despise prophecy", but should instead- "hold fast to the truth, and test everything."
1Th. 5:20 Do not despise prophecies, 
1Th. 5:21 but test everything; hold fast what is good.

The same is true today. God can give prophetic words through people, but the church should not naively accept every prophecy without  'testing' it first. When I heard of this particular prophecy about Tasmania being destroyed by a tsunami, I wondered how many others would blindly accept this 'prophecy'? If they  tested this particular prophecy they might discover that several things don't quite add up. 


For thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel: Do not let your prophets and your diviners who are among you deceive you, and do not listen to the dreams that they dream
Jeremiah 29:8

"Do not let 'your prophets' deceive you..." declared the proven prophet Jeremiah. This demands that any prophetic claim be tested against the truth. Therefore, when an alleged prophet gives an alleged prophecy, the details of this prophetic claim should be tested for its truthfulness. Let's examine this particular alleged 'prophecy' to see if it corresponds with the truth.

Firstly, the 'prophet' identifies the target of the tsunami as being the "island of Hobart" (the video editor tries to correct this with a graphic of Tasmania showing that Hobart is the capital city). Secondly, he says that the earthquake will come from 'the ocean' between Australia and the Island of Hobart. There is no ocean between mainland Australia and the Island of Tasmania. Thirdly, for a Tsunami to come from Bass Strait  and swamp Hobart it would have to travel nearly 300 kilometres over land! (The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami traveled, in places, just a few kilometres inland.)


when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.
 Deuteronomy 18:22 

Scripture gives a very simple and easily applicable test for any prophetic claim. If a prophet says something will happen and it doesn't happen, the prophecy is not from God. Therefore, this particular prophecy is very test based on the principle in Deuteronomy 18:22. If this prophecy does not come to pass, that is, if it does not correspond with reality, then it is not from God.

Even if none of these facts persuade the naive, there is of course the test of reality. In this case, the reality test is a simple one: the prophecy implies that this tsunami will hit Tasmania soon, if it doesn't, it fails the reality test. (This particular prophecy was first given in the third quarter of 2010.) All too often, so-called prophecies are so vague that their proponents then stretch their appeal to include historic details to validate their prophecy. But this claim is very specific. It is not a prophecy of a severe storm hitting Tasmania and destroying Hobart from Bass Strait - it is the claim that a Tsunami will come from Bass Strait overland to destroy Hobart.

There are other tests of a prophecy, like- Does it correspond with Scripture? Has the person giving the prophecy ever given another prophecy which has been undoubtedly fulfilled? The next time you hear of prophecy warning of some doom, or even of some coming "revival", you might like to apply these prophecy tests.

Andrew Corbett
28th December 2010


  1. Andrew,
    1. It is obvious that he is that is describing what he saw in a vision and relating that to what he know of Austrlia and is equating island of hobart / Tasmania as the same thing. Bass straight is clearly the water between the two.

    2. Dr Owuor was given similar prophecies for the Chile Earthquake & Tsunami, Haite earthquale , China earthquake, all events that happened in 2010, one 2 months before, one 12 months before and one 6 months before. So yes he does have a record, and they are fulfilled in different times.

    The message with these is repentance. This nation needs to repent.


  2. I agree with Anonymous January 6th 2011 that, and also Andrew you should of quoted scripture to back up what you are teaching, I've read many prophetic teachings, and this by far sir is the worst yet... this page is terrible.

  3. the first comment quoted "n a vision and relating that to what he know of Austrlia and is equating island of hobart / Tasmania as the same thing. Bass straight is clearly the water between the two."
    It is good that you have answered as you have.This Man of God from Kenya has prophecied many events and all have come to pass..ANDREW CORBETT Should stick with the Bible on this,Wait and see,and see if what He has already spoken have come to pass...also,The man's overall message is 100% with the Bible.the man is calling for repentant and is preaching the full gospel unlike most Churches these days..Andrew,be careful!
    Chris from Wales

  4. I had a check in my spirit when I first saw the transcript of this "prophecy".
    In addition to Hobart being a physical impossibility for such a tsunami to wipe it out the description of Bass Strait is incorrect. He descrbed it as being very deep whereas in fact it is a shallow body of water.
    As a resident of a low lying seaside area on Bass Strait I have no fears in relation to such an event .
    The real message is that we ,as the Church , who are callewd by His name should humble ourselves and pray and seek His face confessing our sins and those of our nation So that He will hear from Heaven and foregive us.

  5. The scallop industry uses some kind of seismic gun in waters near great ocean depths between the Mainland and Tasmania. Scallops have been dying. Waters in Bass Strait are only 80 meters in depth but alongside this on both sides, are trenches thousands of meters deep.Great canyons below the surface so for an African man to translate his vision in the detail given, I think we should all sit up and listen.

  6. ADDIT - here is a link to 'Tasmania Earthquake Tsunami Procephy Analysis'


    If the link doesn't work, just type in header on Youtube and check out some sombre facts..

  7. *prophecy (sp)

  8. Here is a link to the topographical sea-bed map showing the waters and sea-floor depths around Tasmania.

  9. Just a brief update on the Tasmanian-being-destroyed-by-a-Tsunami-Prophecy. . . Despite this so-called prophet claiming that it was about to happen / soon happen , it hasn't. This response which I wrote, nearly two years ago, is still valid whereas the so-called prophecy should now be considered "false".

  10. The Prophecy was a warning from God, are you a prophet Andrew? it is written that the words of a prophet are to be judged by the prophets, are you qualified for this role? as far as I know your a pastor from Legana? is a pastor a prophet? the warnng came with this as the main message 'Why don't you rebuke sin in the churches?!' the churches of Tasmania are riddled with sin and yes even you pastors are taking bribes and paying prostitutes and exploiting children, all the time thinking God wont see us, we are on a great wicket!, we are protected by Egypt...which in Tasmanias case is the occult.. of which has ..yes you guessed it church leaders, poleticians, judges, police, school teachers, nurses, doctors and protected by Assasins through lack of a better word. Isaiah 30... seriously Andrew, for you to question the motives of a Prophet that has absolutely no gain from this other than to warn a distant land that god's Anger has been fuelled, basically makes you none other than a doubter and the mouth piece of satan, why aren't you on the pulpit screaming for justice and integrity for the children of Tasmania who are being constantly exploited? .... there is a huge plank of tas oak in your eye my friend. in closing I want to reinterate... the warning of a earthquake is directed at YOU PASTORS! who should be frontline worriers for justice,peace and mercy... not corruption,deceit and Flasehood!... please also note ... this Tsunami is 200 years over due.. the state of Tasmania was built on the most horrific and evil practices and the decendants are still profiting from their ancestors sins.. saying 'God has blessed us with Wealth for our forefathers sins', well my friends.... it aint so and if you think The Lord who has ALL authority in heaven and earth is going to sit by and watch as his elect Turn their backs on him and do the Will of the enemy posing as whitwashed walls... well... THINK AGIAN! There is an EarthQuack Coming, it was planned before the world was formed.... The Waring Angels of the Lord are charging as you read this and the sound of their wings are like Rushing waters and the stamping of war horses.. the world see's Tasmania as a tiny little Island that has a looney tunes character named after it... But the God of Abriham, Isaak, and Jacob whome is the father of our lord Jesus Christ has a very special place in his heart for your state.. that has been stolen and defiled.. did you know 'British' is derived from Hebrew which means 'men of the covenant'... the tsunami is not of water but of the spirit of the living God! the very God the state government has waged war upon... FOOLS!