Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wisdom's Cry

What Is Wisdom?
Wisdom is the kind of knowledge that leads to the best choice being made and the best decision actioned.
    The was once a couple who had five sons. The parents laboured hard to raise their boys. Before they were old enough to go to school, their mother would spend creative hours teaching and training each of her boys. But the family were rocked when this caring wife and mother tragically died leaving her husband to solo parent his boys.
    In order to support his family after his loss he was forced to work a second job. It wasn’t long before his four eldest boys felt neglected by their dad and in all-too-predictable fashion began to hang out with the wrong crowd. But not only was their dad hard-working, he was also sensitive to his sons. When he heard that his eldest boys were hanging out in the Mall with the gangs, he went down there and pleaded with them to come home.
    They laughed at him. But he persisted. The passing crowds stared at him as he cried and wept and screamed out to his unrepentant boys from across the Mall. Meanwhile, his boys were being enticed by these gang leaders to join in their schemes. Wealth, riches, ease, pleasure, they offered. All of this could be theirs -in an instant- if they only took it from it from ‘the weak and undeserving’. Suspecting that he had nearly lost his boys all together to a life of crime and heartless debauchery he made one last plea. But he was too late. That night his wayward boys ambushed a wealthy and, what they had hoped was, an unsuspecting businessman. But they had underestimated their first victim.
    When their exhausted father heard from the authorities that his wayward sons had died in horrible circumstances, he was gutted. His youngest infant son climbed up into his father’s lap and caressed his daddy’s cheek. “What’s the matter Daddy?” His father composed himself and looked for a prolonged moment at his, now, only son. [Read full article]

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