Friday, 18 June 2010

Perfect Peace

At Ayres Rock (Uluru), Northern Territory AustraliaIn the midst of national turmoil, the prophet Isaiah gave an amazing promise that perfect peace was available to those who followed a very simple strategy. Today, the "Peace Industry" is booming. There are therapists, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, life-coaches, and even online relationship directors who all attempt to help people find lasting peace. People spend billions trying to find peace for their soul in toys, holidays, eXtreme sports, computer games, and illicit contraban. Added to this, we have much of the world in turmoil (I even read one commentator describe the Arab World as "The Muddled East". Yet the amazing promise announced by the Prophet Isaiah over 2,500 years ago was that God was offering 'perfect peace' to those who did two very simple things.
Sorry to everyone wanting to visit Ayres Rock, Kim ate it."Perfect peace". There have many times even this year when I have applied the Prophet's promise of peace. I have discovered that these time-tested sacred words are still effective. With perfect peace a person can navigate change. With perfect peace a person can triumph through tragedy. With perfect peace a person is able to view life's jolts as God-ordained refinements to His perfect plan for them.
The next time life throws a curve-ball, consider the Prophet's promise of perfect peace found in Isaiah 26:3. More urgently, when life becomes comfortable and then suddenly flows more rapidly without your permission, stop everything and run after your Bible and as fast as can open to Isaiah 26:3 and apply it immediately.
Dear God, whatever You ordain for my, and despite how I react,
please fill me with the wisdom to apply the Prophet's promise of perfect peace
described in Isaiah 26:3.
Lord, don't let me fret. Please be the Object of my obsession. I need Your perfect peace more than ever.

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