Tuesday, 30 March 2010


What has been the most dangerous idea of all time? There have indeed been some dangerous ideas which have shaped cruel dictators and led to the tragic loss of millions of lives. Some ideas have birthed dangerous attitudes which have justified racism, nationalism, and elitism, which have all unjustly deprived people of their natural rights.
The term “dangerous” is relative. Our football team may been “dangerously” close to losing their game if they had not kicked that goal on the final siren. We use the word Danger to mean a “threat” to a comfortable state. It is probably in both senses that a recently aired documentary - “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea” - showed why Darwin’s idea was such a threat to the religious establishment and how it was eventually used to justify “Social Darwinism” as the basis for the Nazi’s eugenics program for example. Ideas have consequences.
Christianity’s most dangerous idea was Jesus Christ: God became a man. Born of a virgin. A sinless life. Amazing miracles. A brutal death. An astonishing resurrection. An ascension into heaven. If these ideas are either legend or myth then Christianity is rubbish. But if they are demonstrably true then they are the most dangerous ideas ever because they confront people with a God who has entered into the story of this world, proven Himself, revealed His will, and warned appropriately. Those who originally announced this lived and died dangerously. Easter is therefore a dangerous message. This Easter I invite you to consider the claims of Jesus Christ and discover why these claims are not just dangerous.  
Dr. Andrew Corbett (www.legana.org)
Pastor of Legana Christian Church

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