Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Seven Days Without Prayer Makes One Weak...

Sin will keep a man from prayer and prayer will keep a man from sin. Christianity without prayer hasn't got a prayer! Families that pray together stay together.

We should pray. Prayer is simple. It is talking with God. The Bible encourages us to pray in different ways. We can "petition" God in prayer by bringing Him our requests. When we do, we are depending upon Him and He is glorified as our Provider.

We can also "praise" God in prayer.

But most importantly we should pray for God's will to be done- especially in our own lives. But before you do, I need to share a warning with you. This warning is not merely theoretical or just something I read about in a book. I am a firsthand spokesman for this warning. When you pray for God to have His way in your life He will take your prayer very seriously. As a result things will happen and circumstances will change in a way that it becomes obvious what the will of God is.

Father, please have your way in my life. Help me to do Your will, even when I don't understand it. Please work in my heart and mind to want to do Your will and obey Your Word. Help me to live and to love. Help me to be a blessing to others. Help me to listen. Help me to notice. Help me to care.


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