Saturday, 9 February 2008


"This book could change the world!" Not only is this the opening line of the recently published book- The Most Embarrassing Verse In The Bible! but it is also the title of the Preface to the book. This newly updated edition of the popular eBook is now available in paperback. It has taken four years to produce and undergone critical peer review from pastors, Christian leaders, and lay people alike. Several denominational leaders who had read the draft, and the eBook edition, strongly urged that this book be put into print and made more widely available. And now it is.
This book could change the world! It could help to navigate people through the Middle East Crisis and form a more Biblical position. It will answer some of the staunchest critics of Christianity who claim that Jesus was a false prophet who has been proven to have actually to have deceived His disciples! This was the claim of the late Prof. Bertrand Russell and in more recent times is echoed by Professor of Religion at the University of North Carolina- Bart Erdman - who use just one verse to make their case for athiesm! But this book, The Most Embarrassing Verse In The Bible answers these critics and their criticisms in a very historically rigorous way.

This book is available for $A11.95 (plus postage) directly from the author. (eMail the author)

Andrew Corbett

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