Thursday, 1 March 2012


   After this I looked, and behold,
      a door standing open in heaven!    
  At once I was in the Spirit,
     and behold, a throne stood in heaven,
   with one seated on the throne.--Rev. 4:1a-2 

There is a window. One of the greatest minds of the 20th century initially thought he was too clever for God or any spiritual things. As with many who posit intellectual objections to the God of the Bible, the source of his opposition toward God was silently sourced from an emotional reservoir of deep hurt (it's common for emotionally hurt people to masquerade as intellectually objectionable). But then it happened. The window.

One night, after attempting to deal a fatal intellectual blow to the notion of God, C.S. Lewis found what many before him had also discovered: when you punch a wall of granite with a bare fist you come off second best and the mountainous wall of granite doesn't feel a thing! It's the same phenomena when people  attempt to refute the granite-mountain-like truth of God's existence.  And for C.S. Lewis, the misery he experienced from the granite-pounding-induced pain became undeniable. His pain ended when he looked through a window. He described this moment as, 'In the Trinity term of 1929 I gave in, and admitted that God was God ... I was perhaps the most dejected and reluctant convert in all England.'  ("Surprised By Joy"). C.S. Lewis looked through a window and saw that he was not looking out but in

Our existence here seems so real and permanent. It tricks us into thinking that life after this existence is less real. Cloudy, heavenly, misty. Don't they all mean the same thing? Look through the window and you'll soon see that they most certainly do not! When C.S. Lewis looked through this window into the realm of eternity he discovered that that was more real than any of this. It became so obvious to Lewis that where God was, he would one day be, and compared to that heavenly reality, this world was merely a "shadowland".  

       But, as it is written,
 “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard,
nor the heart of man imagined,
 what God has prepared for those who love him”1Cor. 2:9

Look through the window from this darkened realm into the very well lit eternal realm and you'll see what Lewis saw. God's presence lights most of the eternal realm. You'll see no pain there. You'll see no sorrow there. You'll see no heart-aches there.

     He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, 
       and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, 
     nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”--Rev. 21:4

Most of the eternal realm basks in the radiant light of God's glory. Most. There is however an assigned zone of the eternal realm where God has decreed that His Life-giving Light should not shine.

     And cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness. 
       In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ --Matt. 25:30 

Some will spend eternity there. This is why looking through the window is done so reluctantly by those who don't want to see the truth. This is why the Adversary will do almost anything to keep people from looking through the Window and discovering an All-Merciful, All-Forgiving, All-Loving yet All-Just God. He would even transform himself into an Angel of Light (2Cor. 11:14) and invite people to worship him (or anything else other than the One they would see through the Window Eternal). In brazen breathless deception he arrogantly fools willing victims into denying that there even is a Window even though just like a building with no windows it is patently obvious to all that there is something beyond this world. In a cruel act of treachery this snake concedes to his prey that the world beyond is merely some spiritual energy force that can be harnessed through magical words, crystals, meditation or chants - and then he even orders his minions to perform pathetic tricks to almost support his claims. No wonder he doesn't want anyone to look through the Window!

The Apostle Paul said that those who know there is a window - yet refuse to look into it for fear of what they will realise are suppressing the truth about what is plainly known (Romans 1:18-19).

     For what can be known about God is plain to them, 
      because God has shown it to them. --Rom. 1:19

Yet many us have sought and found the window into the eternal realm where God's presence dwells richly. We have discovered what the Apostle meant when he wrote to keep your mind on heavenly things, not the things of earth (Colossians 3:2). We are gripped by this eternal vision. We see that the One Who is seated upon The Throne rules from and throughout eternity. In comparison, our lives here and now (as difficult and as painful as they might be, or even as lovely and delightful as they might be) are but fleeting shadows.

Through the Window of God's Word we see clearly. This Window not only helps us to see the eternal, but it's glass brings this existence into focus - even though at times our vision through it causes us to see our own reflection from it "dimly" (1Cor. 13:12). With this Window, seeing is not believing. Rather, believing is truly seeing. (Believing has more to do with doing than affirming.) Through this Window Eternal we come to realise that our present setbacks and difficulties are not seen that way by God. His perspective of what we call pain sounds more glory-preparation.

     For this light momentary affliction is preparing 
      for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison --2Cor. 4:17

This is why it seems He withholds supernatural power from the realm of eternity when He could simply intervene into our temporary existence and "fix it!" But He knows what's best. And in actuality, He has intervened. And He has "fixed it!" Look through the Window and you'll find that you're actually looking through the glaze of The Cross.

After C.S. Lewis opened his eyes and saw the real world through the Window Eternal he became a changed man. Many others like Lewis have done the same thing. Augustine of Hippo, North Africa, might be one of the most well-known ancient examples and Justin Bieber might be one of the more recent. There is a Window that you and I must look through as well. It is a Window contained in 66 books yet One Volume. It is a window that points to the One True God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is a window that reveals this God is the Creator, Rescuer, Restorer and Source of all good and truth. After look through this window you'll want to worship Him - out loud - with others - demonstrably. After looking through this window you'll notice how many people are bumping around in the darkness ignoring the fact that they have made and drawn the curtains covering the Window of Light and Salvation. Look through the Window Eternal and you see the world a whole lot clearer, yourself a whole lot more accurately, and the Adversary for who he really is. Look through the Window Eternal and you will also experience what the once-exiled Apostle described as being "in the Spirit", and isn't that where you'd rather be now?

Ps Andrew Corbett
1st March 2012
Legana, Tasmania. 

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