Thursday, 4 November 2010

Pentecostal Apologetics

By Dr Andrew Corbett
3rd November 2010
Abdu MurrayWhy do some people believe? Every Christian has a story of conversion. For some Christians their story is a journey from atheism to belief in the God of the Bible because of the evidence. For others, like Abdu Murray, their conversion story from Islam to Christianity was based on the credibility of the Bible. Then for those like Sy Rogers, former homosexual and formerly a Gay Rights activist, his conversion to Christianity was based on the love and acceptance he experienced in a Christian community. Many people become Christians for reasons like these, but, by far, the most common reason, at least statisticaly, is some kind of Pentecostal encounter.
Spreading Pentecostal congregations — a quarter of all Christians worldwide — are bumping up against established Christian churches and Islam in Africa, and chipping away at what has long been a virtual Roman Catholic monopoly in Latin America. ... Across the tropics and the south, Christian worship, especially Pentecostalism, has captured hearts and minds in countries where the precariousness of ordinary living — blackouts, robbery, disease, corruption — makes rich and poor alike turn to divine intervention.
The New York Times
Pentecostals easily form the fastest growing segment of Christianity. In some parts of the world such as Africa, India, China and South America, the overwhelming number of conversions to Christianity are within a Pentecostal context. It is estimated by renowned Missiologist, Patrick Johnson, that by 2050 Pentecostals will comprise more than half of all Christians globally...[Read full article]


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  2. Dear Sir: I'm seeking some understanding on certain topics, one is pleading the blood of Jesus, as a Pentecostal I hear this done often but having done research I get mixed articles for and against this practice and both have bible references. Please would you be so kind as to point me to a reliable source (Yes I have looked in the word but as yet cannot decipher what is truth on this topic). I'm growing in the LORD daily and deeply want to increase my walk, obedience and understanding. Thank you for any and all help you might be able to give me

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    2. I've sent you an email with an attachment of something I've written about this topic.

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